The Top 5 risks in the dredging industry

Safety is of paramount importance in the dredging industry. Based on the Risk Inventory & Evaluation (RI&E) through various procedures and systems we are doing everything possible to make working in the dredging industry more safe. Nonetheless, some risks are hard to banish.

This is often caused not only by a lack of knowledge and information, but also because it is not easy to influence behaviour in the workplace. This requires good information and, very importantly, perseverance! The “Top 5 Risks of the Dredging Industry” Toolkit has been made to support companies in this.

The largest risks in the dredging industry

  1. Slipping, tripping, falling, and stumbling
  2. Getting cut
  3. Becoming trapped
  4. Getting hit by a moving object
  5. Getting hit in the eyes

The basis of the toolkit is formed by the flyer "the Top 5 Risks in the Dredging Industry in the spotlight". This flyer briefly describes the top 5 risks, any associated management measures, and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). It also includes a Last Minute Risk Analysis (LMRA) checklist. To reduce the top 5 safety risks to a minimum, it is important to go through the LMRA checklist before the work starts.

The “Top 5 Risks of the Dredging Industry” toolkit consists of the following components:

  • Flyer: a ready-to-use, downloadable brochure in PDF format with a description of the top 5 risks, control measures, and a LMRA checklist.
  • 5 Animations: each of these videos depicts a risk and associated control measures in a few minutes.
  • 5 Posters: By displaying the posters at the work location, the top 5 risks and associated control measures are visible to the employees in an accessible manner, and remain in the spotlight longer than during a meeting or information session.
  • An Infographic (only available in Dutch).

All documents and animations are accessible/downloadable through the links on this page.